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The Ebullient Bunch

Have been hectic for the past few months, finally have some time to sit at my comp to do some catch ups...

Designer Kidz is the first collection that was added to the shop, in fact it reinforced my decision to start this little shop of ours. Curious to know how it all started? Here goes :

We were on a holiday in Melbourne, visiting Brighton beach that sunny and windy morning! By the way, Melbourne offers plenty of fun for us and the kiddos, I would love to head back again and again !

While looking around for a café for lunch, something in the shop around the corner caught my eye! Its SOOOO CUTEEE, the blue floral tutu dress that was on display. My whole mind was on the dress throughout lunch. I have three boys, why would I need a girl's dress? After rationalising that we might just try for another baby in future, I bought the dress, *grins*!

Fast forward back to Singapore, I was admiring the dress and saw the URL listed on the tag. Out of curiosity, I went in to take a look and oh wow! Their dresses are totally my style, if I have little girls, these will be the dresses I want to dress them in.

And the rest is history now, the absolutely gorgeous dresses are now online at  :

Take a look and give me your comments..:)


Meanwhile, we will continue hoping for a real life model in our lives to model these dresses..:)



Mummy J