Opening Post

The Ebullient Bunch

Our very first post! Perhaps just let me share more about the origins for this little venture...

It started with my eldest kid having very bad eczema, to the point of bleeding skin every night and recurrent skin infections. At the same time, we were undergoing topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) as we wanted his skin immunity to build on its own. We were not using fast-cures and that needed plenty of time. It was our darkest times in fact, and I made the decision to take a break from my career. It was a tough one to make as I do love my job, but I have never regretted it thus far.

Fast forward to present. No plans to return to the corporate world yet as we have other plans in mind. :)Thanks to hubby's support for he knows I love shopping, we started this little venture to source for awesome buys around the globe.

To celebrate the store's opening, we are giving a 15% storewide promotion. Please use the code - OPENSESAME in your checkout to enjoy the discount!

Happy Shopping!



Mummy J